Another year has come and gone - another year in the books. 2013 was a good year, filled with a bunch of new projects - but it felt like a rebuilding year - a REBIRTH! It’s also the first year where I really started to feel like I’ve been doing this stuff for a while now - out on the road and meeting college kids who grew up on Tom Goes To The Mayor … wild… and now we finally have people who “liked the old stuff better!”

Oh well, keep plugging. Here’s the links, highlights and good times had in 2013:


The year began with my first very public display of drunkenness during the first annual (yea we’re doing it again) On Cinema Oscar Special! It’s a LONG video so you may want to save this one for later. 

(The 2014 Oscar Special is in the works and will be bigger and better!) 


Jash is a Youtube channel / collective between us, Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts and Michael Cera - it’s basically a home for us to make any videos we want: short films, music videos, fake shows etc…  We kicked off the year with a bunch of videos and fake series —


Bret Gelman and me being jerks. 


I had the true honor and pleasure of appearing in a small role in the final season of Eastbound and Down. It’s really one of the great shows of all time in my opinion and it was akin to going to Space Camp (or baseball camp or whatever it is that you love, you get the idea) to go down to North Carolina for the summer and hang with those guys and play in their world. Extremely fun.


I hope to make 20 seasons of On Cinema. Season 3 aired this year.


Back on Adult Swim and it feels good! We’ve been thinking about doing this show for a while now - after making shorts like “The Terrys” and “Father & Son” it felt like a natural step to make an anthology show of fucked up, dark but funny short films.  We kicked things off with a reunion with our old pal Zork. 


If you live in LA and have lots of money you might have caught Pusswhip Gangbang at the first annual (?) Festival Supreme - a rock/comedy festival starring Tenacious D, Mr. Show and many, many others. We were weird as hell and probably pissed off a bunch of D-heads. Was fun? 


Davin and I spent the last two years slowly putting together our second record and we finally finished and released  Some Things Never Stay the Same in November. I’m very proud of it.  Take a listen! 



Another record soon followed, this in collaboration with Gregg Turkington and a great band called City City  YELLOW RIVER BOYS: URINAL ST. STATION


It’s a record about the piss drinking fetish scene through the lens of Southern Country Rock & Roll. It’s very disgusting but I’m pretty happy with the music. It’s dumb and I hope it makes you laugh. 


Seems like a pretty productive year! I didn’t even tell you about the little movie i did with Misterrrrrrrrr. Robin Williams. I haven’t seen it yet and can’t vouch for it but I have this haircut in it so how bad can it be? 


Oh, and thanks a million to everyone in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York who came out and saw my stand-up with Neil Hamburger.  I hope it was worth your time and money. 

Next year is coming! New Check It Out! Bedtime Stories the Series!  MORE MORE MORE IN STORE!!!! 



Hello Friends, as you may have noticed Davin (Devin? David? Gavin?) Wood and I released our second record this week.  We’re very proud of it - it took about 2 years to put together - starting small, in my garage with some songs that had been piling up… over the past two years we’ve been hacking away at this thing, bringing in great players and singers (aimee mann, anyone?) to try and make the best record we could. 

If you’ve been enjoying the record on services like Rdio or Spotify let me just kindly alert you: Although it’s easy and cheap for you it is not really that great for us. We pay for this record to be made (not some giant corporation) and these services pay out very very very very very tiny amounts for plays.  we would love to see you support the record through buying it directly here:


or pick up a copy at your local record store if you are so blessed to live near one. iTunes, Amazon and the rest aren’t that bad either. 

We’re not looking to get rich off of you but we’d also like to keep making records, paying musicians, artists, manufacturers etc… 

Please consider! 

I honestly do love you. Tim

An Open Letter to Eric Wareheim

Dear Eric, 

Hello, Eric. I hope you are well! I am writing you this open letter on the morning of Monday October 14th in hopes that you read it along with our fans, friends and colleagues. I want you and everyone else to know that this letter comes from a place of honesty and respect. 

As you know over the past several years we have, together created a lot of work. We began in college making experimental films and projects, learning the craft, making each other laugh and exploring our own creativity. We continued to create after college, pursuing an often risky course towards making our art and comedy professionally.

Through hard work and luck we were able to make our first series: The animated short form comedy, “Tom Goes To The Mayor” for Adult Swim. Soon we found we had created a polarizing but creatively satisfying outlet on television. After that series had run it’s course we created Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! for Adult Swim - It was the realization of all our dreams - an absurd sketch show where we could dig deep and create some real mind bending comedy - through it all - and you know this - we’ve have the pleasure of having a great partner in the Adult Swim family, who has almost never blinked at our wild ideas! 

Check It Out, The Chrimbus Special, Tim and Eric Nite Live, all children of Awesome Show - all creatively satisfying and beautiful on their own. 

As you know, we went on to make a movie: Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. It was hard work; not just the making of the movie, but all the work that goes into promoting and selling it. It was a real learning experience - but I know you feel as I do - I’m proud of the movie! 

So here we are: We’ve both had a lot of fun working on our own separate projects which continue to fulfill us both and reenergize our creative spirit. But nothing jazzes me more than the thought of our big return to Adult Swim this Halloween for our new special: Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories: Haunted House, where we reunite with our friend and comedy partner Zach Galifianakis.  What an honor to connect again with my comedy partner in life and in business (there’s no need to mention the tremendous success our production company Abso Lutely has recently found - Eric Andre, Comedy Bing Bong, Nathan For YOU, just to name a few…) 

It’s been a wild ride, I’ll admit it, but I feel like we’re only just getting started and “oh what a relief it is” to be sitting next to you in this roller coaster carriage called show business. 

I look forward to watching “Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories: Haunted House” with you October 31st at midnight on Adult Swim. 

All the best, 

Tim Heidecker 

New Heidecker & Wood record coming 11/12/13
Like the cover?

New Heidecker & Wood record coming 11/12/13
Like the cover?

YELLOW RIVER BOYS “HOT PISS” (your new summer song) 


What a wild week! In case you missed anything due to world events and/or your busy schedule here’s a recap: 

Tim and Eric’s Go Pro Show 

Entire series is now up!! 

Tim and Gelman Have Lunch (Again) 

All 4 parts! 

Eric Wareheim and Doug Lussenhop’s “Backpacker Bush” Music Video

Doug Lussenhop’s “Pound House” Episode One

Hope you enjoy these videos and share them with those you love most.