2017: In Review

Hi! It's been a very busy and productive year for me! If you haven't been able to catch it all, here it is in a nutshell! 

Decker: Unsealed & Decker: Mindwipe

Decker returned early this year with TWO 6 episode seasons on Adult Swim 

On Cinema: Season 9

Season 9 featured Six Bag Cinemas, The Face Transplant and The Electric Sun Music Festival fiasco. Catch up here

Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories Season Two

6 new episodes with me, Eric, Will Forte, Ray Wise and more!!!! 

Tim and Eric Awesome Show 10 Year Anniversary Special

We got the band back together for this half hour special! It was really fun and I hope we do it again! 

Too Dumb For Suicide: Tim Heidecker's Donald Trump Songs

Here's the official collection of my year's worth of Donald Trump songs! 

The Electric Sun Trial

I love everything we did above, but this one takes the cake for me this year. I love that so many of you devoted so much time to watching this behemoth!   

Office Hours Live! 

I've really had a great time doing this live call in show when time permits and it's great having Doug on too! 

sCRAPs: Unfinished Songs 2010 - 2015

Finally, I put out a little rarities record: a bunch of songs that I'll never finish for various reasons. A curious listen! 

That's the MAJOR stuff! Please share your favorite "TH Moments From 2017 in the comments below!