Hi friends. 

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your support this past year. It was a weird one! Lots (too much) promotion I know…

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie finally stormed out of the gate way back in March.  Eric and I ended up doing so many interviews I thought our heads would explode!  

(thanks to @thatSLAYERchick for this compilation!)

As with just about everything we do, some critics loved it and some hated it.  Well, we’re not for everyone, are we?  I’m sure proud of it.

Also in March, the 2nd season of "Check it Out, with Dr. Steve Brule" aired! I hope we make more because I’ll tell you what, it’s the most fun thing to make!  

Then a bunch of other junk happened, who cares….  WHO CARES….

oops, slipped into Brule. 

2012 also brought a whole bunch of the "On Cinema!"  podcast with frequent guest Gregg Turkington

Our web series “On Cinema At the Cinema” launched on Thingx.com and on You Tube here:  http://www.youtube.com/show/oncinema (subscribe!!)

My longterm goal is for this show to run for 20 years. 

Did you hear I was also in a movie called The Comedy

Another case of extreme polarization: again, some critics loved it and some hated it.

But I was really moved and thrilled to see how many of YOU supported it, liked it, were affected by it… and didn’t deride me for working outside of my comfort zone. It encourages me to continue to try new things and experiment. So, thanks. 

Over the summer I got to do standup with Neil Hamburger, DJ Douggpound and K-Strass… as part of the FOUR CLOWNS AND A CROOK  tour! 


and also toured with Scott Aukerman, James Adomian and Kurt Braunohler and more on the Comedy Bang Bang Live Tour!

Eric and I also made our way to Australia (wrote “down unda” then deleted) and New Zealand!

We had the best time, met the nicest people on earth and promise to be back soon! 

I also goofed around on Twitter A LOT, where I notably released Bob Dylan’s Titanic and was briefly the Editor-in-Chief of Rolling Stone Magazine among other nonsense, all of which can be found on this here blog. 

And so what of 2013? Here’s a snapshot so far: 

- Hopefully at least TWO new Tim and Eric TV projects (too early to give any real details here but expect and official update in March-ish)

- More Check It Out? Very Likely. 

- More “On Cinema At the Cinema” (20 years worth) 

- 4 new episodes of Tim and Gelman have Lunch! (Feb or March?)

- Heidecker & Wood’s new album “Some Things Never Stay The Same” (tentatively April) 


In closing:  Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for playing along and sticking around. 

Happy New Year! 

In Love with you, 



PS. Did I miss anything? what did you like most?  What did you hate? Did I yell at you at a Q & A or on twitter this year? share your thoughts below!